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I'm a self-employed web developer, family man, nerd, scuba diver, and author of many fine books. Manager/maintainer of the Elgg community site, and core Elgg development team member.


Why do companies insist on putting a MAXIMUM length on passwords? Especially for important things like credit cards? How come my Twitter account gets to be more secure than Verified By Visa with their 15 char max? @Visa @VisaSecurity @AskRBC @RBC


Doing penetration testing and security scanning of an app I'm working on. Accidentally sent myself ~850 emails with more still coming in.


Walk To Mordor v2.2.7

1 min read

Just released an update fixing a number of small bugs and laying the groundwork for a few new features:

  • Better unit switching UI
  • use correct distance units in homepage graph
  • round homepage graph values
  • visible long notes for distance display
  • added padding on comment body
  • fixed inability to delete comments
  • fixed incorrect milestone date display
  • added manual sync button to settings
  • Add friends profile page for seeing friend progress

Announcing Ionic DevApp | The Official Ionic Blog

There's so many cool things happening in the Ionic world right now... must get more Ionic work!

Announcing Ionic DevApp | The Official Ionic Blog

Congrats on finding 120ml of duty-free hot sauce @TorontoPearson glad we can all fly safe now

Go Fuck Yourself

EdiDoodle - A drawing app just for Edison (and anyone else who wants it)

I hate you, Apple. Long live Android.


Check out my blazing LTE speed @rogers


Walk To Mordor - #ionic + #Elgg for #iOS #Android or browser

This is my first personal app, a pet project I've been working on and off in my "spare time" for the last year or so.  Decided to finally go live with it.  I hope people use it and enjoy it!

Walk To Mordor - #ionic + #Elgg for #iOS #Android or browser
Icons for everything